Exemple de question lors de votre soutenance. A retenir vous aurez un sujet différent selon la phase 1 ou la phase 2.

Question Réponse
Can you talk me about your supermarket ? And your position in the gluten free market? What  is the market trend ?
What are their habit ou your customers (when and why Australian people eat gluten free  food ?) Their are loyal ?
What kind of brand you sale in supermarket ?
What kind of gluten free products you sale ? (cereals, porridge…?) What is the best seller?
Your customers are sensibilise  to the label ?
You take attention on the prices or on the qualities of the product ?
Did you have any problem with your suppliers ? Where are located ?
You work with your suppliers since a long time ?
Can i know what you need to improve in your supermarket ? ( your sales, your ranges..?)
What kind of gluten free products you looking precisely? (cereals…)
What is your budget ?
What are your purchasing conditions? (Incoterm, paiement condition, delivery time)

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